The Gaslamp Quarter: Preservation Tribute in San Diego

Preservation matters.
San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is a tribute to community efforts at preservation revival of more than 90 historical 19th century downtown buildings.

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 GeoTourist is pleased to be presenter of this Gaslamp Quarter Tour which illustrates the unique storytelling element geo sd gaslamp signof our signature multimedia Tourism app. 

The Gaslamp Quarter is a 16 ½ block area stretching from the bay to Broadway and nestled between 4th and 6th Avenues in downtown San Diego. The moniker “Gaslamp Quarter” stemmed from the 1880’s genre of gaslamp lighting that was especially prevalent in the Old West.
geo sd gaslamp watts robinson2Alonzo Horton is usually considered the founder of San Diego when developments efforts began in the late 1860s.
During heyday of the Old West in the 1880s, the Gaslamp District boomed with honky tonks and became known as “Stingaree” for all the saloons and unsavory activities.  Dormancy and “sailors” reputation continued until the 1970s when community interest rallied around revival efforts.geo sd gaslamp balboa theatre
By the 1980s, redevelopment became a major civic focus and the “Gaslamp District” was cultivated as a national historic geo SD gaslamp plaque louis bankdistrict. The Gaslamp Quarter is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Many of the building also became plaqued historic sites, several were cultivated into chic boutique hotels. The oldest standing residence in the Gaslamp Quarter is the Davis Horton House, and home to the Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation and the Gaslamp Museum that hosts walking tours Thursdays – Saturdays.

Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation features several tours: architectural tours to children’s tours and including popular Ghost Tours, and now this online Preservation Tour of prime revival buildings.geo sd gaslamp horton grand 1

GeoTourist is pleased to present this online armchair tour. Join the Tour that begins at the Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House, which is the oldest building in town, built in 1850 Maine and the “saltbox” was actually shipped west. For gracious Old West charm, visit the Horton Grand Hotel, the oldest Victorian hotel in San Diego.geo SD galamp louis bank
Stained glass and ornate carved stairs were salvaged and restored. Legend has it that the iconic Wyatt Earp frequented the property and there is a small museum at the hotel. Celebrate the new Season at the Balboa Theatre, originally built in 1924, but dormant for years until a preservation campaign created an elegant revival, reopening in 2008, and now an acclaimed cultural space.
geo SD gaslamp greely bldgAlso visit the Louis Bank of Commerce noted for its Baroque Revival.  Legend has it that Wyatt Earp favored an oyster bar there as its historical plaque proclaims.  Next door, is the Nesmith-Greely Building c1880 that retains its Romanesque Revival facade. Still other notable architectural revival includes the Yuma Building c1882 and the Llewelyn Building 
c1887.geo SD gaslamp yuma bldg

Restoration of notable buildings are now plaqued and ideally for touring. Also discover its current exhibit From Raid to Redevelopment on view until September 26th.

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