Presenting GeoTourist

A smart new travel app designed as an augmented reality tour.
GeoTourist is innovation.
A single platform accessible
to create
augmented reality
multimedia experiences.

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Destination Tourism is about community.
People. Places. Prestige. Power.
Posturing a community...
polishing and promotion.
Site Selection. Heritage foresight.
The past, the present and future potential.

Inspire Cloud Based Tourism

A community showcase as cloud based tourism.
Enthusiasm and inspiration to attract prime conventions, achieve heritage accolade or distinguished exhibitions. Ideal for location based audio/podcasts

Globalization Becomes Community

Convention and special events marketing can be enhanced by Tourism offices producing a tour for consummate immersive visitor experience. Whether business element, artful exhibit or major sporting event creating community as tourism destination.

Tourism offices, visitor centers, and CVBs can promote corporate institutional statement, walking tours, promote historical venue or culinary destination.
Museums can create exhibit tours enhanced by augmented reality.
Eliminate dedicated gear and transfer digital content to the GeoTourist cloud servers and reduce expenditures.

Tourism or event production can become a solo portal as world class destination. Globalization Becomes Community.


Tourism Redefined

GeoTourist is an ideal platform for Smart City initiative.
A social media platform, effective solution for location based audio/podcasts.
Exciting new potential programming awaits...
determined only by creativity.

GeoTourist: Redefining Destination Tourism
Preserving the past. Empowering the present.
Protecting the future.
Make the World Smaller.


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Exciting new potential programming
awaits...determined only by creativity.


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