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AR – Increase Your Value Through Engagement and Interactivity

Amplifying Reality With AR

For destinations and organisations that want to bridge the gap between the real word and the digital version, AR (Augmented Reality) is proving to be a happy medium. Offering a more immersive experience but easily accessible for technology users of all levels, AR makes life a little bit brighter.

AR has been on the rise for the last decade, mainstreamed through widespread adoption of mobile smartphones. We’ve included AR within Geotourist 2.0 and we’ll explore in greater detail how it can drive greater user engagement.

AR refers to an enhanced view of real life which is created by overlaying virtual content, including dynamic web content, graphics, video and it can be triggered by either an image or a location, or a mixture of both.

Why would I want AR?

AR is being used by millions of brands all over the world and has been widely adopted and accepted by users. Visitors have come to expect digital delivery of ‘extras’ to entice and delight them and to let them live life through their phone. And because they’ve experienced AR from other brands and organisations, they come to expect it from you.

It’s about brand connection

In creating AR content that immerses users fully in the world around them, you’re also developing and strengthening the depth of connection that they feel with and towards your destinations. It’s here that the need for return visits embeds and where the seeds of word of mouth are sewn.

By transforming a passive relationship with users in to interactive engagement, you’re switching users on to your brand and plugging them in.

Boosting Your Brand

With increased engagement and a more meaningful user experience, AR has been shown to increase the perceived value of brands and destinations.

Positioning your brand as a progressive and innovative entity is critical to win the hearts and minds of Gen Z and merely the starting point to get up and coming Generation Alpha to pause for breath.

What AR can do for you – and your visitors

  • Place your visitors in the heart of the experience & drive engagement through activating other immersive brand content
  • Increase engagement through supported learning and development by augmenting locations

Geo-target key sites in your destination

The pandemic accelerated engagement with AR, with rates rising by almost 20% since the beginning of 2020. Conversion rates for consumers that engage with AR have increased by 90% when compared with those who don’t*.

Geotourist 2.0 has the AR experience integrated in every tour you create, allowing you to engage more deeply and meaningful with visitors without any additional investment or technical support needed.

To get started with AR, contact us.


*Retail Customer Experience.

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