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Disrupt technology works with Edinburgh Social Enterprises

Geotourist has launched a new digital audio tour that will helps visitors to the City of Edinburgh understand how they could make the most of their time in the city in a socially responsible way. While Geotourist supports the more traditional visitor experience across Edinburgh’s typical tourism hotspots, the new tour, in conjunction with Edinburgh Social Enterprises, makes it easier for visitors to make a positive impact within the local community.


Downloadable from the Geotourist app to visitors’ smartphones, the tour showcases some of the city’s social enterprises, complimenting the Invisible Cities Edinburgh tour already published on the app.



Spreading across the city, the tour visits social enterprises that create an impact on the wider world, as well as helping the people of Edinburgh and Scotland.

Claire Pattullo, CEO of Edinburgh Social Enterprise, said: “We are delighted with the opportunity this partnership offers our members to raise awareness of their goods, services and most importantly, their social benefits on a world platform, as well  highlighting the diversity of the Social Enterprise community in Edinburgh”.


Starting at Gorgie City Farm in Dalry, the tour passes through the Old Town, crosses the New Town before exploring Leith and Portobello, concluding in Craigmillar. Comprising 9 points, the tour will grow across the coming months, covering ever more of Edinburgh’s city map.  Using GPS technology, the app pinpoints where users are and triggers content as they pass by members of Edinburgh Social Enterprises.


CEO and Geotourist founder, Shaon Talukder, who created the Geotourist concept said: “When we worked with Invisible Cities in Edinburgh, we just knew that there was more we could do to support social enterprises in the city. We are a global brand, so to have two social enterprise tours in one location is a very-welcome first for us. It’s about supporting the communities that we work in and making a positive social impact where and how we can. When visitors complete our Royal Mile trail, we want them to access our social enterprise tours; to buy their coffee and sandwiches in a social enterprise and to buy their souvenirs in a way that gives back to the community. Our commitment to promote an ethos of responsible tourism is a key driver of the Geotourist roadmap.”


Geotourist is proud to support Edinburgh Social Enterprises by combining storytelling and tourism to help promote social good. The tour offers visitors a way to get to understand the city that they are in beyond the traditional tourism message and offers travellers who champion responsible tourism an opportunity to leave a positive imprint that makes a difference to local lives.

Let’s go…

The Geotourist app is easily accessible for everyone. To take the self-guided audio tours download the free Geotourist app from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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