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How Can You Complement Your Guided Tours with Audio Guides

Guided tours led by volunteers, trained docents and professional tour guides are an important source of income to fund operations and programming for cultural and travel organizations.

For travelers, exploring a city or a neighborhood in a tour organized by a local tourism office, architecture or historical foundation can be informative and fun experiences. However, as more people travel, all year long, organizations that only offer scheduled tours end up missing the opportunity to engage with their audiences.

This is where audio guides can help. Travel and cultural organizations can easily complement their programming by offering self-guided audio tours right on visitors’ mobile phones. They can engage visitors with their expert content, and by extension, their brand, through mobile storytelling in immersive experiences, without having to invest in on-the-ground resources.

See how you can extend your reach through audio guides:

  • Host audio tours 24/7, off-season, year-round, for continuous engagement with your audience
    Most guided tours take place for a limited number of hours on specific days of the week. Audio guides help you fill in the gaps. You can engage with visitors outside of scheduled tours, and outside of peak travel season. Destinations and cultural sites located in colder climates can still offer audio tours in winter months. Audio guides can help organizations reach travelers who travel year-round, including business travelers.
  • Offer tours in multiple languages
    With more people travelling from China, destinations are especially ill-equipped in servicing this large segment of travelers and miss the opportunity to engage with them directly in their own language. Audio guides can help you tell your stories in any language with minimal investment and help build a strong connection with your properties.
  • Use audio tours to manage high and low demand for guided tours
    Audio tours supplement your limited resources and staffing to reach a wider audience. While you may not be able to dedicate a live guide for a specific tour, you may still have to service that area of town or neighborhood as part of your business mandate. Audio guides can help you service those areas, or support a less popular tour with a niche theme, ensuring continuous coverage to support your mission and objectives. Likewise, for tours that are in high demand, and are filled to capacity, offering audio tours can help you extend your reach. Since no one is turned away, you will increase satisfaction with your audiences.
    See how Geotourist audio tours support Los Angeles Conservancy’s archived tours
  • Test new tours on audio before committing staffing and resources on-the-ground
    Not sure if a new tour will attract interest? Why not test it on audio first to see if it justifies staffing, training and programming costs?
  • Augment your marketing to increase ROI
    Geotourist promotes its audio tours on social media throughout the year, giving its content partners continuous exposure to reach their audiences.

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