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Responsible Tourism In a Socially Distant World

The world has been collectively working towards a more sustainable and responsible tourism offering, but the Coronavirus turned everything upside down. It’s added a new dimension to the concept of responsible tourism – and while we will continue to work to protect communities and travel the world in a way that takes account of our footprint, we now have a responsibility to keep visitors safe and apart  as well.

With social distancing a given for the short-term future, the Coronavirus means that the travel, tourism, hospitality and convention industries have to think of new ways of doing what they do best. Responsible tourism must embrace all and any measures put in place to protect the world from a further spread or second wave of the virus. 

 A travel app for a socially distant reality

Social distancing is built into the Geotourist app. Our platform was developed to work for both the in-situ visitor and for those who are streaming content remotely. On location,visitors download the app for free to access the tour on their own mobile devices, and stream the GPS-led audio tour to experience sites on their own.  

By giving the visitor an independent and individual connection with the destination, Geotourist removes the need for groups of people to move as one unit. Geotourist provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the need to congregate around physical signage and sites
  • Remove the need to move in groups, bound by a start time and start point
  • Eliminate the risk of  contamination by accessing tours on personal mobile devices, instead of handling destination-supplied touchscreen technology
  • Eliminate the cost and effort  to disinfect, maintain and repair shared hardware devices

Geotourist can help you engage with your audiences in the time of social distancing. Get in touch today to find out how you can easily create your own solution.

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