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Destinations Promote Their Diverse Communities to Locals

As travel restrictions paused international and long distance travel, more residents have taken an active interest in their own cities and towns. During staycations and on daily walks in their neighborhoods many are discovering the diverse communities hiding in their backyards in plain sight.

In this changing landscape, destinations and cultural organisations see an opportunity to help local residents discover the rich heritage of their increasingly diverse local communities. Combined with the civic responsibility to support local businesses many of which are struggling, these organisations are highlighting the history, culture and cuisine of their diverse communities to locals in creative ways.

Explore a few of those stories streaming on our platform:

Los Angeles Chinatown: L.A. Conservancy provides a tour of the area downtown that has been home French, Italian, Serbian, Mexican immigrants. Residents can discover restaurants and baes that were once the center of punk rock in the city.



Capitol Hill in Denver: AARP Colorado created this award-winning guide to the neighborhood that has been home to the LGBT community over decades.



Bicton Shore near Perth: Parks and Wildlife Western Australia nature trail tells stories of Aboriginal tribes that have lived in the area.



Rob Roy Country in Scotland: The Bliss community trail by the local tourism information centre features sculpture and architectural installations that has become a permanent attraction .

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